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FaVer Wood Products DisplayWe do have a wholesale program for retail stores and large home building and renovating companies.

Our program includes displays and product literature. You can either order as needed or be a stocking dealer. You donít need to be told this, but you will sell a lot more product if you have a well stocked and well organized display.

If you are a retailer looking for products to add to your line that are appreciated by the end user, this could be for you.

Our experience is that our product line is usually an easy sell to home owners.

FaVer Wood Products DisplayThe ordering process is simple- order by fax or e mail, we send you a confirmation, your order is shipped, if you have an account with us, you are billed at time of shipping, and payment is due to us by the 30 days from invoice date. If you do not have an account, payment is due at time of ordering.

Some benefits to carrying our product line:
  • Accessories available to complement any size and profile of molding
  • Product is easy to ship
Please contact us to inquire about becoming a Retailer!
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